It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank. If you adopt the right mindset you can change your life. Thinking like a millionaire involves a lot more than simply focusing on the zeros in your account. It’s a complete mindset shift for a lot of people, but can really change you life if you let it.

Think, then Spend
It’s easy to spend all of the money in your wallet without really thinking about it, but this is not how most millionaires operate. Consider if you need the thing you want to buy, whether or not you can borrow it for free, and if you can find it for a lower price at a different store. Never spend money without considering these three points.

Focus on a Goal
Millionaires have goals and then work hard to achieve them. Without a goal you have nothing to work toward, and are more likely to spend your money on things that really don’t matter to your in the long run. Whether it be a large trip, a new car, or even saving for retirement, focusing on your goal will keep you from spending frivolously and will make you put each dollar you earn to work. Think about where you want to be in a few decades, then work hard to make that happen.

Keep Learning
One thing that sets millionaires apart from other people is that they are constantly learning. While it’s tempting to sit on the sofa and zone out while watching TV each night, that won’t help you learn anything and it certainly won’t improve your money knowledge. Blogs, books, and podcasts are all available to help you learn about money, the world, and history. You may even want to buy Modafinil as a way of enhancing your intelligence.

Never Waste
Humans are wasteful. We throw away food, clothing, and boxes that can all be reused. Instead of automatically tossing something that you are not interested in, think about other ways it could be used. Shoe boxes can be used to store items in your closet, clothing can be paired with a different piece for a new look, and leftovers can be served in a fresh way.

If you want to be a millionaire or simply wish that you had more money in your account then changing these areas of your life and trying to be more like Bill Gates is a smart move. Millionaires aren’t that different from other people, they just know what’s important, think before they spend, and are always looking to better themselves.