Nowadays, students have an array of options when it comes to studying in college. Aside from traditional colleges and universities, online schools and learning institutions also offer an alternative place for getting a degree.

Whether you choose a traditional or an online school, you have to keep in mind that colleges have specific admissions requirements to be met. Here are three of the most common admission requirements.

Academic Achievements

Many colleges look into the student’s academic achievement as one of the criteria when accepting or rejecting a college application. Colleges check the student’s transcript of records to determine the courses taken, how well they did in class and their class ranking.

The student’s GPA and standardized tests scores (e.g. SAT/ ACT) are also taken into consideration. It would also help the student’s college application if they can provide recommendation letters from teachers and school counselors. Any awards, achievements and scholarships received during high school greatly help as well.

Personal Achievements

Aside from the student’s academic achievements, there are several other factors that colleges look into. Although it varies with different schools, some of the most common factors include the student’s extra-curricular activities and personality traits.
Aside from that, the student’s college application essay and interview also helps determine whether the applicant is college-ready and is capable of adapting to the demands of college life. And as mentioned above, recommendation from counselors and teachers is a huge factor.

Other Considerations

Apart from the ones given above, there are several other factors that colleges check to determine the student’s eligibility. Students with special talents or unique interests often receive consideration especially if the college of their choosing offer courses related to it.